“There are always new places to go fishing. For any fisherman, there’s always a new place, always a new horizon. – Jack Nichlaus”

Bellingen River - Urunga Sport Fishing

Urunga Estuary Sport Fishing Tournament

Terms and Conditions

To ensure on the day of the competition we would like to list and inform our competitors of some rules and regulations so  that everyone can enjoy a fun weekend out.

  1. This is a catch and release Tournament only. All species must be released alive.
  2. Artificial Lures and Flies are to be used only. Under no circumstances are dead baits or live baits to be used.
  3. No burley is to be used. Although commercial scents and attractants are permitted to be applied to lures and flies.
  4. Flathead 36cm + and other by-catch species of NSW DPI Fisheries legal length must be photographed with a digital camera with a blank removable SD card or a mobile phone with a blank removable SD card. “NO Go-Pro/Action Cam Images excepted in 2017”. These pictures must be made available to the Tournament Committee Officials upon request.
  5. All fish noted on your “OFFICIAL SCORE SHEET” must be photographed on top of a Brag Mat clearly displaying your Angler ID Tag and clearly displaying the length of the fish.
  6. All anglers must keep photos taken until the end of the tournament. In case of a count back, photos must be submitted on request. If no photos can be produced upon request at any time during the Tournament all points claimed will be invalid.
  7. No gaffs to be used to assist in landing any fish during the Tournament. We recommend the use of Fish Friendly Enviro style landing nets.
  8. The Tournament is open to all line classes. Cast and retrieve or trolling is permitted. Only 1 rod to be in play at any 1 time by a competitor.
  9. The Tournament’s Fishing Boundaries are both the Bellingen River and the Kalang River, and not out any further east of the end of the Southern Rock Wall in the Urunga River Ocean Bar Crossing.
  10. The Tournament is open to all Anglers wishing to fish from within a Boat, Kayak, Canoe and or also fish from a Land Based location within the boundaries.
  11. All Anglers are to abide by all local RMS Maritime and NSW DPI Fisheries rules and regulations. If officials are made aware of a competitor not abiding to RMS Maritime and NSW DPI fisheries rules and regulations by authorities, that particular competitor may be disqualified depending on the severity of the offense.
  12. Protests of any nature must be bought to the attention of the Tournament Committee Officials before the end of the day of the incident.
  13. All decisions made by the Tournament Committee and Officials concerning rules, prizes and trophies are final and no further correspondence will be entered into.
  14. There are 4 divisions. Adult Male, Adult Ladies, Junior Males Under 16yrs, and Junior Girls Under 16yrs
  15. 2015 saw the introduction of the TEAMS categories, again in 2017;
    • In 2017 you will have the option to nominate as a 2 or 3 person Team at the registration BEFORE the briefing on Friday the 11th from 5.30pm at the Tournament HQ
    • you will need a Team Name so please have something in mind beforehand.
    • Your team can be made up of either all Juniors and Adults or a mix of both Juniors and Adults.
    • Entering as a Team means you must always be in eye sight of your other Team members, it is NOT a requirement to fish in the same Boat or Kayak, just stay within eye sight of each other.
  16. Points and Trophies are awarded as follows;
    • Examples: 36cm Flathead up to 49cm Flathead will be awarded 1 point per centimetre. (So a 42cm Flathead will receive 42points). 50cm Flathead and above will also be awarded 1 point per centimetre, but also include an extra big fish bonus 50points. (So a 55cm Flathead will receive 105 points, a 83cm Flathead will receive 133 points and so on).
    • There is no maximum number of fish to be entered over the course of the Tournament. All undersized Flathead (35.9cm and below) will be awarded 20 points each.
    • All other by-catch species that are of NSW DPI Fisheries legal length will be awarded 5 points each. Trophies will be awarded to the Champion Angler of each of the 4 divisions, this will be decided by the highest total score over the 2 Tournament day’s.
    • The Biggest Flathead Perpetual Trophy will be awarded to the angler from any division with the longest Flathead over the 2 Tournament day’s and will stay with the club whilst the angler will be awarded a separate trophy to take home.
    • Three individual Trophies will be awarded for the longest Flathead caught on Soft plastic/Hard body/Fly.
    • Trophies will also be awarded for the 4 longest random By-catch Species chosen by the Tournament Committee before the presentation on Sunday.
    • The Winning 2 and 3 person teams will be awarded individual trophies, the winning 2 and 3 person team will be determined by the most amount of combined individual points over the 2 Tournament days.
  17. The Official Tournament Head Quarters “Tournament HQ” is the Urunga Sailing Club, water side behind the Urunga Golf Course on Atherton Dr, Urunga.
  18. The Tournament will operate under official session times and days;
    • All Anglers entered in the Tournament must be present at the Official register and Briefing on Friday the 11th. Registration begins from 5.30pm and the briefing will get under way at 7.00pm held at the “Tournament HQ”.
    • All tournament Anglers must collect their Angler ID Tag’s prior to the official session start time in both Saturday and Sunday session’s from the “TOURNAMENT HQ”, all Angler ID tag’s must be returned to the “Tournament HQ” by the end of the official session times on both Saturday and Sunday session’s.
    • Saturday the 12th session starts at 6.00am and all Anglers must be back at the “Fishing Tournament HQ” by 7.00pm with their Angler ID Tag’s, Digital SD card and “OFFICIAL SCORE SHEET”.
    • Sunday the 13th session starts 6.00am and all Anglers must be back at the “Fishing Tournament HQ” by 12.00 noon with their Angler ID Tag’s, Digital SD Card and “OFFICIAL SCORE SHEET”.
    • Sunday afternoon Presentation and Random Raffle Draw will commence from approximately 1.30pm at the “FISHING TOURNAMENT HQ“ allowing Tournament Anglers time to load boats onto trailers etc.
  19. Anglers may collect their ID Tag from 5.00am at the “FISHING TOURNAMENT HQ” and travel to a location in the river via Boat/Kayak/Car/Foot, but must NOT cast a line or begin fishing before 6am.
  20. We recommend that you do not Pre-Fish during the week before the competition as the fish are expectable to “Boat Traffic” and “fishing pressure” and will “shut down” so to speak. This is a small estuary system!


Random Raffle Draw

Your entry in the Fishing Tournament is your entry into the Random Raffle

  1. Your entry in the Fishing Tournament is your entry into the Random Raffle.
  2. Only participating Tournament Anglers are in the Random Raffle Draw.
  3. All Angler ID Tags of Tournament Anglers will be placed into a barrel, mixed and then drawn out of the barrel.
  4. Failure to be present within 60 seconds of your name being called will result in disqualification and the prize will be re drawn from the names in the barrel.
  5. Prizes won by a participant will not be swapped or credit given.
  6. All prize winners are required to stay for a photo with their prize.



There will be a food available for purchase during the the Friday night and Sunday afternoon.

Breakfast will also be available for purchase Saturday & Sunday morning.

Official Sign-in

Sign In & Official Briefing is on Friday Afternoon from 04:00PM.

Presentation & Raffle Draw Commences at 04:30PM Sunday afternoon once all participants return to shore.


During the event there will be a Coffee
Van on site for you to purchase a nice quality coffee from 5.00am during the mornings of the event.